Animal Allergies

The most common form of allergies relating to animals is from animal hair and dander. Dander is made up of little particles of skin and fur that are small enough to become airborne and inhaled. Other types of animal allergies can result from animal bites.

Following these guidelines will aid in the prevention of an allergic reaction from animals:

Animal Allergies Guidelines

  • 1 Avoiding animals is the best way to prevent allergic response from dander, hair, or bites.
  • 2 Know the common symptoms of pet allergies, like itchy or watery eyes, blocked sinuses, sneezing, and headaches.
  • 3 Wash hands and clothing as soon as possible after coming into contact with an animal you are allergic too.
  • 4 Keep animals outside and out of the bedroom; pet hair and dander can stay airborne for hours.
  • 5 Allergic reactions to animal bites are uncommon, but can occur.

Animal Allergies Checklist

  • Carry epinephrine auto-injectors in case of severe allergic reaction.
  • Clean areas where animals are kept, and keep them out of bedrooms.
  • Understand the signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction.