General Medicine Safety

In general, medicine should always be treated with great care. Even seemingly benign medications can become extremely dangerous, even deadly, in certain situations.

Following these tips will help to make sure that medications are used as safely as possible:

General Medicine Safety Guidelines

  • 1 Keep medicines and vitamins in a safe, out-of-the way place.
  • 2 Always put medications away immediately after use.
  • 3 If you experience any unexpected or severe side effects, talk to your doctor or contact emergency services right away.
  • 4 Make sure child-proof measures are engaged on bottles or other medicine packaging.
  • 5 Avoid over-medication, such as taking antibiotics for a viral infection.
  • 6 Dispose of unused medications responsibly at an authorized disposal location or by following disposal directions on packaging.
  • 7 Post the poison control number (1.800.222.1222) somewhere prominent in case of emergencies.

General Medicine Safety Checklist

  • Medications are secured in an out-of-the-way place.
  • Poison control number is posted where everyone can see it.