Prescription Medications

Prescription medications are ordered by physicians to provide a medical benefit based on the patient’s systems. When taken as instructed, prescription medications can help relieve symptoms, correct conditions, or even cure diseases.

Following the tips in this guide can help minimize injuries related to prescription medications.

Prescription Medications Guidelines

  • 1 Follow all directions when taking prescriptions yourself or administering them to others.
  • 2 Stay on your prescription schedule; if you need to change it, talk to your doctor first.
  • 3 Do not crush pills or capsules unless instructed to do so by your doctor.
  • 4 Never take a medication that was prescribed for somebody else.
  • 5 Keep prescriptions in their original bottle, to ensure correct identification later.
  • 6 Dispose of medications that have expired or that are unidentifiable.
  • 7 Keep a list of prescriptions you are taking for your own reference and in the case of emergency.

Prescription Medications Checklist

  • Expired prescriptions are disposed of responsibly.
  • I have an updated list of prescriptions I am currently taking.