Dietary Supplements

Supplements are a sticky topic. In some instances, doctors may prescribe certain dietary supplements to treat a medical illness or condition. However, the supplement industry also markets its products directly to consumers with little to no regulation, in many cases exaggerating or even completely fabricating the health benefits of their products.

Many people think taking dietary supplements is harmless, but any time you put an unnecessary substance in your body, there is a risk of unwanted or undesirable side effects.

Here are some tips about taking dietary supplements:

Dietary Supplements Guidelines

  • 1 Always consult with your doctor before starting to take a new supplement.
  • 2 Read all labels and inserts to make sure you understand what the supplement does.
  • 3 Research supplements using reputable sources – don’t rely on the manufacturer’s information alone.
  • 4 Avoid supplements that promise a quick cure or change to your body.
  • 5 If you suspect a dietary supplement is dangerous, report it to the Federal Trade Commission.

Dietary Supplements Checklist

  • Doctor consulted before starting new supplements.
  • Labels and inserts read to understand the supplement’s purpose.
  • Research from reputable sources completed.
  • Dangerous supplements reported to the FTC.