General Kitchen Safety

These tips do not necessarily apply to a specific activity or item but are relevant to the kitchen as a whole.

General Kitchen Safety Guidelines

  • 1 Get a fire extinguisher that can handle grease and electrical fires.
  • 2 Keep knives stored out of reach, such as in a wooden block or in a drawer.
  • 3 Clean up spills right away so that nobody slips and falls!
  • 4 Install childproof locks/latches on cabinets, drawers, and appliances with doors.
  • 5 Post emergency numbers on your refrigerator or another highly visible spot.
  • 6 Always clean up right away — messes can cause dangerous clutter or allow bacteria and germs to grow.

General Kitchen Safety Checklist

  • A fire extinguisher rated for grease and electrical fires is installed and in working condition.
  • Knives and other dangerous utensils are stored out of childrens’ reach.
  • Childproof latches/locks are properly installed on all cabinets, drawers, and appliance doors.
  • Emergency contact information is posted prominently.