Flower gardens offer aesthetic enjoyment, while vegetable gardens provide food for the family table. However, gardens can also offer some dangers if the appropriate precautions are not taken.

Follow these tips to ensure that your garden provides delight and nutrition, rather than sickness or danger:

Garden Guidelines

  • 1 Wear protective gear to prevent or limit exposure to the sun, chemicals, and pests.
  • 2 Check gardening equipment and tools before each use to ensure there is no damage and to ensure proper operation.
  • 3 Read instructions and warnings on fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals before using them.
  • 4 Store chemicals, fertilizers, tools, and other gardening supplies in a locked, ventilated place.
  • 5 Wash up after gardening, as soil can contain harmful bacteria and germs.
  • 6 Wear knee pads or a foam pad to protect your joints while gardening.
  • 7 Avoid gardening in wet conditions to avoid mishandling slippery tools, shocks from electric tools, and other dangers.
  • 8 Gardening can be a strenuous physical activity, so be sure to drink plenty of water and do not overexert yourself.

Garden Checklist

  • Safety gear is properly worn to provide protection.
  • Equipment and tools are in good working order.
  • I know how to use fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides appropriately.
  • A lockable, ventilated area is available to store garden implements.