Walkway and Driveway

Driveways and walkways provide a path for people and vehicles to travel through our property safely and without damaging the landscape. However, they can be dangerous if not taken care of properly.

Follow these tips to ensure that walkways and driveways remain useful and safe parts of your property:

Walkway and Driveway Guidelines

  • 1 Keep walkways and driveways clear of debris and slippery substances like ice, snow, water, oil, or grease.
  • 2 Do not leave tools, hoses, cords, toys, or other items where they may be tripped or driven over.
  • 3 Make sure walkways and driveways are lighted appropriately, such as through motion sensor lights or solar-powered path lighting.
  • 4 Fix uneven walkway slabs or stones right away to avoid accidents.
  • 5 Resealing driveways every few years will help keep it from chipping and cracking, which can prevent trips, falls, and damage to tires.

Walkway and Driveway Checklist

  • Appropriate lighting is installed for night time use.
  • Maintenance schedule is in place to reseal or repair driveways and walkways as appropriate.