Toys & Games

With toys and games, children can have a great time using their imaginations to think creatively and learning essential mechanical skills. However, it is important to ensure toys and games are appropriate for the age of the children who play with them, especially when it comes to toys and games for infants and toddlers.

Follow these toy-related safety tips to ensure a fun and injury-free playtime for your youngster.

Toys & Games Guidelines

  • 1 Follow age recommendations on toys and games, adjusting for interest and skill level as appropriate.
  • 2 Discard plastic wrappings and other packaging immediately and appropriately.
  • 3 For young children, avoid toys and games with small or removable parts, as they may become choking hazards.
  • 4 Inspect toys regularly for sharp edges, dangerous materials (e.g., metal, glass, batteries, etc.), or signs of damage and wear.
  • 5 Get rid of toys that are broken.
  • 6 Keep toys with cords, strings, or ribbons away from cribs and playpens.
  • 7 Teach children to put toys away when they are done playing with them to prevent trips and falls, or other accidents.

Toys & Games Checklist

  • All toys and games are age appropriate.
  • Small parts have been removed or secured.
  • Strings, cords, and ribbons have been removed or secured.
  • Broken or worn out toys have been discarded responsibly.
  • Toys and games are put away properly at the end of playtime.