Playpens can give babies a measure of independence that allows parents and other caregivers accomplish various tasks and chores. However, while playpens have many advantages, they can have dangers associated with them.

Keep an eye open for these potential hazards when using a playpen with your baby.

Playpens Guidelines

  • 1 Make sure all sides of the playpen are upright and locked while in use.
  • 2 Remove the raised changing table and other attachments while your child is in the playpen.
  • 3 Periodically check the coverings, mesh, and other fabric, vinyl, or plastic surfaces for rips, tears, holes, or loose threads.
  • 4 Once your child can crawl or stand up, detach any toys or other attachments that could be used to climb out of the playpen.
  • 5 Wooden playpens should have slats no further than 2⅜" (5.08 centimeters) apart.
  • 6 Do not use soft bedding or pillows in the playpen.

Playpens Checklist

  • Changing table, toys, and other attachments are removed while in use.
  • The fabric, vinyl, plastic, mesh, and other materials are in good repair.
  • All locks and latches work properly and are out of reach of the child.
  • The warranty/registration card has been completed and submitted to the manufacturer.