Strollers are great for on-the-go families because they offer mobility for parents and comfort for children. Unfortunately, not all strollers are made equally, and even safe strollers require attention and awareness to avoid potentially dangerous circumstances for your child.

When buying or using a stroller, keep these special considerations in mind:

Strollers Guidelines

  • 1 Never leave your child unattended in a stroller, even (or especially) when asleep.
  • 2 For infants, make sure the stroller reclines and can support the baby’s head, or get a stroller in which you can safely attach an infant-only car seat.
  • 3 Use the appropriate type of stroller for the activity — e.g., an umbrella stroller may be good for running errands, but if you plan to go running with your baby, invest in a jogging stroller.
  • 4 Carry bags or use under-stroller storage; never hang bags from the handlebars, as they may cause the stroller to tip.
  • 5 Always put the stroller brakes on when stopped, even if you are on level ground.
  • 6 Make sure little ones are away from the stroller while folding/unfolding it.

Strollers Checklist

  • Stroller has both a seat belt and harness to secure the child.
  • An infant car seat fits properly in the stroller (if applicable).
  • The brakes work well and are easy to operate.
  • All parts are in good working order, and nothing is broken.
  • The warranty/registration card has been completed and submitted to the manufacturer.