Children and Medicine

Medicine is meant to help us overcome symptoms and recover from sickness, but if taken at the wrong times, by the wrong people, or in the wrong amounts, they can lead to serious illness or even death.

Following these tips can help prevent accidents related to medicine.

Children and Medicine Guidelines

  • 1 Store medicines and vitamins out of reach and out of sight of children.
  • 2 Follow exact directions when administering medicine to a child.
  • 3 Never give a child medicine that is not specifically made for children.
  • 4 Always put vitamins and medications away after use.
  • 5 Listen for a click to ensure that the caps on medicine bottles are locked.
  • 6 Avoid over-medication, such as giving antibiotics to children for a viral infection.
  • 7 Post the poison control number (1.800.222.1222) somewhere prominent in case of emergencies.

Children and Medicine Checklist

  • Medicines and vitamins are stored out of reach.
  • Expired medications are disposed of responsibly.
  • Poison control number is posted where everyone can see it.