Natural disasters can strike at anytime. Preparing ourselves and our children for these events can sometimes prevent serious injury. Weather disasters include, but aren’t limited to, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and snowstorms.

Following these guidelines can bring your family some comfort and security during a disaster.

Weather Guidelines

  • 1 Teach children how to call for help and when to use emergency numbers.
  • 2 Create a family disaster plan that discusses the dangerous weather that can happen in your area.
  • 3 Tell children where to go during a hurricane, tornado, or earthquake.
  • 4 Teach children to recognize danger signals like smoke detectors or community sirens.
  • 5 In case of separation, have one or more out-of-state contacts to check in with to aid in finding other family members.
  • 6 If your child is old enough, help them memorize the name and phone number of emergency contacts.
  • 7 Create a first aid and disaster kit together with essentials like food, water, and emergency items for several days.

Weather Checklist

  • Family disaster plan is created and practiced with family.
  • All alarms are in working order (smoke detectors, carbon monoxide, weather radios, etc.).
  • Out-of-state contact person is determined and everyone knows their contact info.
  • Disaster first aid kit is created and easily accessible.