Hospital Devices

Hospitals are filled with medical devices of all shapes, sizes, and purposes. As specialized devices that require specialized training and experience to use, it can be difficult to understand what each device does and how it helps you to recover.

Following these tips will help you become more comfortable with the devices used in hospitals, and can even help keep you safe during your stay:

Hospital Devices Guidelines

  • 1 Speak up if you want to know more about a device’s purpose or are uncomfortable with how it is being used.
  • 2 Never operate a hospital device on your own, unless given explicit instructions by your attending doctor or nurse.
  • 3 If a device is causing discomfort, pain, or an undesired reaction, ask one of the medical staff to adjust it appropriately.
  • 4 If you are given a device that you will need to use at home, make sure you are comfortable with the instructions provided.

Hospital Devices Checklist

  • I have asked all my questions about the devices I am concerned/curious about.
  • I know how to use any devices I am taking home.