Medical Implants

Implantable medical devices are miracles of modern technology that can help a person’s body perform critical functions, such as making sure their heartbeats stay regular or automatically provide insulin when levels become too low.

Following these tips will help ensure that those with medical device implants can stay safe and healthy:

Medical Implants Guidelines

  • 1 Before getting an implant, talk with a doctor about the implant to ensure you understand how it works and any potential dangers.
  • 2 Be sure to mention any allergies you may have, such as to certain kinds of metals.
  • 3 Read all documentation provided by the manufacturer to be aware of the implant’s capabilities, limitations, and hazards.
  • 4 Tell all medical professionals about medical device implants before any procedures or tests.
  • 5 Ask about any activity restrictions or precautions, such as flying or amusement park rides.
  • 6 Keep a record of the device’s model and/or serial number in a place where you or a family member can easily find it.

Medical Implants Checklist

  • Device model and serial number are recorded and easily accessible.
  • Risks and activity restrictions/precautions are known.
  • Documentation has been read and is available for reference.