Daily Medications

People tend to need more and more daily medications as they grow older and develop certain conditions or illnesses. The schedules for these medicines can become rather complex, especially if some are taken every other day, once a week, or according to some other schedule.

The following tips will help you keep track of the medicines you need to take regularly:

Daily Medications Guidelines

  • 1 Keep a list of all current medicines, vitamins, and supplements.
  • 2 Update your medication list when you start or stop taking a medicine.
  • 3 On the list, write down the purpose for each medication and/or the condition it treats.
  • 4 Also include the schedule for the medicine (daily, every other day, weekly, etc.).
  • 5 Use a pill organizer to help you keep track of medications for each day.
  • 6 Follow instructions on the prescription label if you miss a dose.
  • 7 Set a regular reminder to check prescription levels.
  • 8 Refill prescriptions before you run out, to avoid missing doses.
  • 9 Post doctor’s and pharmacist’s phone numbers prominently in case of questions or emergencies.

Daily Medications Checklist

  • A list of medicines and their purposes is created and up to date.
  • Pill organizer works well with your medication schedule.
  • Reminder to check prescription levels is set.
  • Prescription refills are ordered as appropriate.
  • Doctor and pharmacist contact information is posted.