Health Safety for Seniors

People are living longer and staying more active as they age. Being healthy enough to enjoy time with family is an important consideration for many elderly individuals. The good news is that protecting and maintaining your health as you grow older doesn’t have to be a chore – but it does take more awareness and attention to deal with health and safety issues as you grow older.

The tips below offer some ways that you can stay healthy well into your golden age:

Health Safety for Seniors Guidelines

  • 1 Stay as active as possible to keep your muscles, bones, circulation, and mental functions in good working order.
  • 2 Eat good foods and maintain a healthy weight to reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.
  • 3 Make a habit of going to annual checkups to keep yourself in good shape.
  • 4 Dental checkups are just as important as your physical examinations.
  • 5 Ask at what age it makes sense to be screened for certain diseases or conditions.
  • 6 Call your doctor and make an appointment right away if you are injured or feel ill.
  • 7 Keep immunizations up to date – including annual flu vaccines.

Health Safety for Seniors Checklist

  • Weight goals are established and manageable.
  • Annual physical exam is scheduled.
  • Six-month dental exam is scheduled.
  • Necessary screenings are scheduled.
  • Immunizations and vaccinations are up to date.