Personal Safety

Staying safe from environmental and human dangers is always a concern, but it can be even more worrisome as we age and lose some of our strength and physical capabilities. Keeping homes safe from potential safety hazards, including home invasion, is a very big consideration for many older individuals.

The tips below will help seniors stay in control of their own personal safety, whether at home or out and about:

Personal Safety Guidelines

  • 1 Falls account for a large portion of injury-related hospital visits and deaths for seniors.
  • 2 Remove throw rugs, area rugs, or other loose carpeting to prevent tripping or sliding.
  • 3 Add handrails in stairwells, bathrooms, and other places where walking may be hazardous.
  • 4 Put adequate exterior lighting at every entrance to the house.
  • 5 Install a security monitoring system that can be easily activated in an emergency.

Personal Safety Checklist

  • Loose rugs and carpeting is removed or secured.
  • Handrails are installed in the appropriate areas of the home.
  • Exterior lighting is installed on every entrance to the home.
  • Security system is installed with a panic switch for emergencies.