Vitamins & Supplements

Many seniors believe they need to take certain vitamins and supplements to make sure they are getting the right amounts of nutrients they need to stay healthy and active. The truth is that in many cases, vitamins and dietary supplements are not necessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In cases where it is necessary to take vitamins and supplements, it is important to understand how they will affect your body and whether they will interact with any of the drugs you may be taking.

Following these tips will help ensure that the vitamins and supplements you take are effective at helping you stay active:

Vitamins & Supplements Guidelines

  • 1 Talk with your doctor or pharmacist before taking new vitamins or supplements.
  • 2 Find out if you can achieve nutritional goals by eating regular foods.
  • 3 Understand how vitamins and supplements could interact with your prescription medications.
  • 4 Never take more of a vitamin than necessary – some vitamins are toxic in high doses.
  • 5 Keep a list of vitamins and supplements you are taking along with your list of prescriptions.

Vitamins & Supplements Checklist

  • A doctor or pharmacist has approved me to take vitamins and supplements
  • A list of vitamins and supplements and their purposes is created and up to date.