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If you or a loved one were abused as a child by a priest, member of a religious order, or another member of the clergy, you may be eligible for compensation.

Perhaps as strong and enduring as any other effects on a survivor of abuse are the shame and guilt that can be overwhelming and debilitating, compounded by a resulting mistrust of others and avoidance of any acknowledgment or conversation concerning the abuse. We recognize how difficult and oftentimes frightening acknowledging the abuse and describing it can be. Be assured that any conversation about your situation with our firm is confidential. When we respond to an inquiry, we do so with the sensitivity, respect and the discretion necessary to provide meaningful feedback. If you prefer to speak with us directly regarding your incident, please call the Meneo Law Group at 1-866-371-8506 or send a confidential email to [email protected]. Cases may be filed anonymously to protect the victim's identity.

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    Free Clergy Abuse Case Review

    Why People Are Filing

    Clergy members are supposed to offer spiritual guidance and protection, but some have taken advantage of their position of power to prey on children and others who are unable to defend themselves. As more allegations become public, those harmed by the clergy they trusted are filing lawsuits against the people and organizations that allowed systemic abuse to continue.

    • Responsible Party

      Clergy, Staff, Church Officials

    • Major Injuries

      Physical Trauma, Mental Health Issues, Emotional Distress

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    3. The representative will follow up with additional questions, as necessary, to determine if your case is viable, based on the symptoms or conditions you (or your loved one) have experienced.

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