Who We Are

ConsumerSafety.org empowers consumers to recover financial losses caused by unsafe products and conditions.

What We Do


Our researchers and writers craft a variety of news articles, legal posts, and resources. We offer details on the latest consumer lawsuit information and helpful legal resources in an easy-to-digest format to help keep individuals informed.

Outreach Efforts

Our team of researchers and writers work with journalists, bloggers, experts in the legal and health communities, and other influencers to spread the word about the latest dangers, promote safety practices, and provide legal resources.

Legal Connections

We connect individuals who have been hurt by products, medical devices, and medications with lawyers who specialize in product liability litigation, giving them an opportunity to seek compensation for their injuries and recover related costs.

Meet Our Team

Editorial Team

Medical Reviewers

Our team of medical reviewers evaluates our pages for factual accuracy and provides guidance on the latest medical news affecting consumers including updates on faulty products, devices, and defective medications.

Writing and Research Staff

Our writing and research staff provides consumers with factually based information regarding lawsuits and flawed products and medications. Their goal is to keep the public informed while providing resources for legal connections, if needed.

Editorial Independence

Based in Syracuse, New York, ConsumerSafety.org is independently owned and operated by CSO Technology Partners, LLC, which retains full editorial control over all content published on this site.

Editorial Process
  1. Our team performs extensive research to develop accurate content
  2. If applicable, content is reviewed by a legal or medical expert
  3. All sources are confirmed by a member of the editorial team
  4. A final review of the content is performed before publication