About Us

Your source for recall and safety information.

Our Mission

ConsumerSafety.org strives to make information about recalls and safety-related news about drugs, medical devices, food, and consumer products accessible to everyone in a transparent, easily understandable way.

What We Do

In today’s world, you can buy aspirin, thermometers, fresh produce, furniture, and a host of other items all from a single store or website. So why should you have to search multiple government, company, and organization sites to find recall and safety information on each of those items?

ConsumerSafety.org uses a variety of sources to collect data about recent recalls, news stories, and dangerous products. We then build on that data by adding our own research and content, and making safety information available for free.

We do this by:

  • Collecting recall notices into a single, easily searchable website.
  • Providing in-depth information about selected, especially dangerous items that have the potential to inflict great harm.
  • Offering safety guides that include tips and checklists on a variety of topics.
  • Sharing news about safety-related events, legislation, and related subjects.

How Our Site Works

Our ardent developers have implemented a number of features that make finding recall and product safety information easier than ever.

Simple Search

Looking for recall or safety information on a particular item? Our integrated search is the place to start. Whether you’re looking for a specific model, brand name, or a generic product, our search functionality will guide you to the right page.


All our safety and recall information is organized into the four major categories of items that people buy and use on a daily basis. Each category includes information on the latest recalls, news stories, safety guides, and more.

Safety Guides

As you go through life, safety concerns change and grow with each milestone you hit. From babyproofing your home, to spending an enjoyable day outdoors, to taking care of elderly parents, find tips and checklists on a wide variety of topics to help you and your family stay safe. View Guides.


Our content team develops stories about the latest safety-related news, including in-depth information about major product recalls, legislative and regulatory changes affecting safety, the latest safety-related research, upcoming events and observances, and other relevant topics. View News.

Meet The Team

Our team is made of up writers, advocates, and experts in various areas related to consumer safety and awareness. We strive daily to provide information that is informative, actionable, and timely.

  • Photo of Jonas Sickler

    Jonas Sickler

    Director of Operations

    As the Director of Operations at ConsumerSafety.org, Jonas defines and coordinates our content strategy, user experience and marketing efforts to promote awareness around health, safety and consumer rights.

    View News Stories by Jonas
  • Photo of Curtis Weyant

    Curtis Weyant

    Content Director

    With nearly two decades of communications, marketing, and editorial experience, Curtis has written on a wide variety of topics, including in the financial, legal, and medical fields. As the Content Director of ConsumerSafety.org, Curtis oversees the development of content across the site, including news, safety guides, and in-depth information about specific foods, products, drugs, and medical devices.

    View News Stories by Curtis
  • Photo of Sydney Ziverts

    Sydney Ziverts

    Health & Nutrition Investigator

    Sydney has a background in English, psychology, and the biological sciences giving her the ability to understand health topics from a holistic perspective. In her role as Health & Nutrition Investigator for ConsumerSafety.org, Sydney focuses on women's health, and how products impact our wellbeing.

    View News Stories by Sydney
  • Photo of Kayla Mackie

    Kayla Mackie

    Product Safety Investigator

    As the Product Safety Investigator for ConsumerSafety.org, Kayla draws on her passion for asking questions and diving into research. She provides consumers with the information they need to make smart choices about the products they surround themselves with.

    View News Stories by Kayla
  • Photo of Bridget Stack

    Bridget Stack

    Consumer Rights Advocate

    Bridget has a background in marketing, social media, and journalism. She previously worked for numerous national brands, and she now focuses her passion for research on protecting consumers.

    View News Stories by Bridget
  • Photo of Kalyn Duguay

    Kalyn Duguay

    Product Safety Advocate

    Before joining the ConsumerSafety.org team, Kalyn worked in the non-profit arena as a campaign assistant for the United Way coordinating annual events and volunteers. Kay now uses her passion for helping others to inform consumers about unsafe products.

    View News Stories by Kalyn
  • Photo of Jennifer MacCormack

    Jennifer MacCormack


    Jen MacCormack is a medical laboratory scientist and freelance writer who is passionate about science communication. She earned her Bachelor of Science at McGill University in Montreal, and has worked in Canadian and American hospitals and research laboratories, as well as in clinical laboratory accreditation. Jen covers drug and medical device safety topics for ConsumerSafety.org. She has also written articles about renewable energy for Earthtechling and Understand Solar, and biology-related topics on the BioDetectives science blog.

    View News Stories by Jennifer
  • Photo of Erin Olivera

    Erin Olivera


    As a proud farm kid, Erin’s background is in agriculture. She earned a B.S. in Animal Science and spent seven years working in the food industry, with experience in a microbiology testing facility, food manufacturing facility, and in food regulation. Putting her knowledge to work in a new way, Erin now writes about food safety and regulations for ConsumerSafety.org and elsewhere, as well as biology topics in general.

    View News Stories by Erin
  • Photo of Douglas Pinheiro

    Douglas Pinheiro


    Doug recently retired from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) as an investigator with over 25 years of experience in product safety investigations, inspections of manufacturers, screening imported product at various US ports of entry and public affairs. Some of these efforts resulted in product recalls and product seizures. Since just about everything in one’s home is a consumer product, Doug’s experience covers a myriad of product categories from furnaces and tools to toys and children’s clothing.

    View News Stories by Douglas
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