Consumer Lawsuits

Companies are legally responsible for delivering safe products to consumers, as well as for warning people about the potential risks of health-related hazards their products could cause. As a consumer, you have legal rights that protect you against manufacturer negligence, defective product design, medical malpractice, accidental injuries and other personal injuries. Our product lawsuit pages help you learn about your legal rights as a consumer and offer a way to connect with consumer law attorneys for free case reviews.

Learn About Consumer Lawsuits

Why are people filing product, drug and medical device lawsuits?

The products we use on a daily basis are covered by a number of safety regulations, meaning that companies must make an effort to ensure the products they make can be used safely. This is especially true for "general use" products, though some products, like drugs, medical devices, food, vehicles, and certain chemicals, are also governed by regulatory agencies with stricter safety and labeling requirements.

When a company fails to meet the safety standards set by legislation, regulation, and industry standard, they can be held liable for making and distributing an unsafe product. The liability can come in several forms: negligence, defective design, faulty manufacturing processes, etc.

Am I eligible to file a product liability or personal injury lawsuit?

Eligibility to file a lawsuit depends on many different factors. Some of those factors include:

  • The type of injuries or other loss you suffered
  • The economic impact of those injuries or losses
  • How long ago the injury or loss occurred
  • Whether the claim is allowable under state or federal laws
  • How similar lawsuits have fared in the past

In addition, the answers to these questions can change based on the type of lawsuit filed, who is filing it (e.g., the person injured or a surviving family member), and even the specific product, company, or individual being sued.

The best way to see if you might be eligible to file a lawsuit is to talk to get a free case review from a lawyer who is an expert in litigation for the relevant product or service. Simply browse or search our Legal section to find the product or topic you are interested in learning more about, and then click the "Free Case Review" button to connect with a reputable law firm. You can also contact us to ask questions if you are unable to find the information you are looking for.

What products, drugs and medical devices are currently facing lawsuits?

Which consumer products, prescription medications, and medical devices are subject to litigation is frequently changing. New lawsuits get filed when there is sufficient evidence of their potential harm, and existing lawsuits may get decided by a jury or settled by parties to resolve the legal dispute.

You can search or browse all of the product liability and personal injury lawsuits we are monitoring above. You can also view the complete listing of current active lawsuits being accepted by our legal partners, to see whether any of them may apply to you or a loved one.