Roundup Verdicts: See Every Jury Decision at a Glance

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Roundup lawsuits are in full force, and early verdicts have been coming in hot and heavy in favor of the plaintiffs. Will this trend continue? Will Bayer and Monsanto ultimately be successful in getting these verdicts reduced or dismissed?

We've pulled together the dates of major verdicts, as well as decisions and opinions from appeals that have affected those verdicts. Links are provided to more information where available. We will keep this list updated as more verdicts (and judicial opinions about them) occur!

How much is the total Roundup verdict amount so far?

As of May 2019, the total of Roundup lawsuit verdicts is $2.21+ billion. That includes awards from three verdicts, adjusted based on later appeals.

Roundup Verdict Breakdown

Date Plaintiff Verdict Amount
August 10, 2018 Dewayne Johnson $20 million
(reduced from $289 million to $78.5 million to current award)
March 27, 2019 Edwin Hardeman $25 million
(reduced from $80 million)
May 13, 2019 Alva and Alberta Pilliod $2.055 billion

Roundup Verdict Timeline


July 9 - Dewayne Johnson trial begins, lasts for 18 days

August 10Dewayne Johnson awarded $289 million by the jury after 2 days of deliberation

October 23 - San Francisco Superior Court Judge denies Monsanto's request for a new trial, but cuts Johnson's verdict award to $78.5 million


February 25 - First phase of Edwin Hardeman case begins, lasts for 12 days

March 19 - Jury finds in favor of Edwin Hardeman, determines Monsanto was liable for contributing to his cancer

March 20 - Second phase of Edwin Hardeman case begins to determine the compensation amount

March 27 - Jury awards $80 million to Edwin Hardeman

March 28 - Alva and Alberta Pilliod trial begins, lasts for 21 days

May 13 - Jury finds in favor of the Pilliods, awards them more than $2 billion total

July 15 - United States District Court judge reduces Hardeman's award to $25 million


July 20 - California appeals court reduces the award for Dewayne Johnson to $20 million

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